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Grilling belongs to everyone.

The starting point for Mustang was people’s wish to enjoy cooking with their families or friends in an unhurried, relaxed way. Spending time together eating good food is the highlight of any day. You can always try something new while grilling, and all grilling methods are allowed. One person grills sausages and steaks for the ravenous guests while the other grills scallops for a fancy dinner. Sometimes, what counts is to prepare the food as quickly as possible; the next day, you may stew the roast around the clock. Mustang keeps abreast of the times. You can always find new goodies to enjoy alongside old classics. Your desire to experiment grows boundless; you get hooked on grilling, and the only gauge of success is a delectable end result. We are experts on grilling culture, so we know how to create a genuine grilling experience. We will let you in on it and provide you with exactly the right products so that you can succeed and enjoy the best of grilling, because grilling belongs to everyone!

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